Monday, April 16, 2012

Wallo meets a cat. Sadness ensues.

There is something happening to me and I do not know what it is.  For some reason I find myself not wanting anything wrong to happen to my dog.  I never want him to be in any kind of pain.  I don't want him to be cold.  I want to make sure that he is well fed.  I make sure that no little nasty creatures are hanging off of his fur.  I love to take him on a run.  I love seeing him sleep.
 I have never had any of these kinds of feelings for anybody or anything else before.  You could say that I'm supposed to have these feelings towards Natalie.  But let's be honest she is the one taking care of me.
The first time we left Wallace at the kennel when we had to leave Lincoln for a couple of days Natalie went inside and paid the people while I stayed out next to Wallace's kennel begging him not to forget me.  As we were driving away I realized that I was going to miss that guy even though for the most part I want to turn him into a labrador hat.  
During dinner last week Natalie and I were discussing our love for the Wally Llama (Wallace).  "Natalie if someone offered us $800 to take Wallace off of our hands would you take it?"  "No."  "Ok what if someone offered us $5000 to take Wallace.  Would you do it then?"  "I wouldn't give Wallace away for $25,000."  "You are crazy."  "I would give you away for a meal at the Blue Orchid."  "That's cold."
This afternoon Wallo and I are on are normal walk when I happen to see a black cat across the street in a field.  I think to myself "maybe if Wallace only has pleasant experiences with cats then he will really love them. For the rest of his life he will be able to buck the stereotypes and have normal, friendly, productive relationships with cats".  I didn't take into consideration what the cat would think.  I started across the field towards the cat.  I was going to introduce these animals and they would become friends and when they both get to heaven (all dogs go to heaven) they will be able to chill like the lion and the lamb.  And since every thing will be perfect in heaven I wont have cat allergies anymore and Natalie and I can have Wallo and the cat live with us at our mansion.
 As we approach the cat I notice the hair on the cat standing up.  He is getting in a very defensive posture.  He looks mad.  What I should have done at this point was stop and turn around.  I should have let the kitty cat know that we didn't want any problems and we were just stopping by to say what's up.  But I'm a man.  And men don't make decisions like this.  A man says.  Wow that cat looks crazy mad right now.  Let me bring my dog closer.  Before I go any further let me explain Waloo's personality.  He never barks.  He is very playful.  All he wants to do is have you scratch him.  He doesn't have bad habits of other dogs because he is rarely around other dogs.  As I walk with him through neighborhoods there are dogs yelling and barking from all directions. he just looks over to them and says hi.  Marcellus Wallace Young is in fact a good dog.
In my mind I am hoping that this cat will realize that Wallace's favorite quote is "don't start nuthin won't be nuthin" and he will back off and become friends.  But that is not what happened at all.  The cat takes a nasty swipe at DaDawgie's face and Wallace jumps back in astonishment.  I could see the look of surprise in my boy's eyes.  I noticed there were a few drops of blood on my homey's nose.  I was embarrassed, shocked, sad, and angry all at the same time.  After Wallace and I left the presence of that beast I scratched his stomach for a couple seconds and looked him in the eye letting him know that even though the cat was acting like a tool and didn't like him very much that I loved him and thought the world of him. After playing with him in the backyard for a few more minutes I realized where I had gone wrong in this situation.  I naively thought that Wallace and black cat would be friends and continue enjoying each other's company all the way up to and when we are in the kingdom of heaven.  What I failed to realize is that the cat that we saw in the field today will not be making an appearance in heaven.  How can Wallace foster a friendly relationship with a kitty that is going to burn in hell?

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Yarita said...

I loved this story!!!

Your mistake is that you went up to an adult cant that you don't know where it came from... Wallace is Young... if you team him up with a cute kitten that is still learning itself... they could grow up and love each other until Jesus comes... but since you're allergic I guess we wont be able to do that.... when I rescued kitty... Bunny ( the adult senile one) wasn't having it... but Luna and Kitty got along super great... both where young and playful and I have a feeling if we didn't have bunny we would have kept kitty... cuz they were really cool together...