Sunday, March 27, 2011

My thoughts.

March Madness...a chance for a bunch of people who aren't invested in any way in college basketball to jump for joy when there are huge upsets.  They love nothing better then to cheer on the underdog.  For those of us who have a team that we watch really closely it is annoying.  But it is times like this when I have to step back and put things into perspective.   Right as the time was rolling down to zero I started thinking about where this ranks on the "heartbreak" scale.  I did my routine of thinking about all of the things in my life that are bootsy.  I stopped after half of a second.  You see my boss and friend Nadine Nelson lost her brother in a tragic car accident this past friday.  I refuse to feel sorry for myself when there is so much pain going on in this world.  And that might not be fair to people to love to heckle me because of my teams but I don't care.  KU basketball is not my life.  It is here to make my life interesting and fun.  My life is my family and my friends.  I will not label this loss "devastating".  That is a word that is reserved for a loss that will hurt you forever.  Please keep the Nelson family in your prayers.

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