Friday, December 31, 2010

My favorite version

Thass My Boy!!!

Mailbag/New Years Resolution

It's been a while since I did my last mailbag and the questions have been piling up in the email. So here is my 2010 end of the year mailbag.

Carl from Nebraska City, NE wants to know Big Rich I love reading your blog man.  It is one of my favorite things to do in life.  When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check to see what is going on in Big Rich's small world lol.

Big Rich:  That's not a question homey.

Virginia from Brooklyn, NY wants to know why are you always tweeting about the 4th floor bathroom and George Gibson?  Why don't you find another bathroom.  Nobody thinks that's funny.  It's gross.

Big Rich:  I have been evaluating my bathroom choices.  It took me this long to realize that the 4th bathroom is just to small and awkward.  I can barely get any privacy up in that mug.  I have found a new location.  The first floor of the Dick building has amazing bathrooms.  When was the last time you used the bathroom on the first floor?  Never right.  That's why I love it.  I can go to the bathroom and then see what's poppin in Campus Ministries.

Debbie from Chadron, NE wants to know when will Michael Paradise be our senior pastor?

Big Rich:  This time next year the kid Mikeydise will be leaving the seminary.  He wants to go to Lincoln, Omaha, or KC he will be heading to an 8 church district in the panhandle of NE.  So its only a matter of time Debbie.

Svetlana from Russia wants to know what was the best meal you had this year?

Big Rich:  That's a great question Svet.  I've had some really good stuff this year.  But it breaks down like this.

5.  Hot Dogs everywhere I went:  I love hot dogs in Chicago.  I love hot dogs at Chiefs games.  But nothing beats a hot dog in Times Square, Mustard only.
4.  Cuban place in Miami:  I love Cuban food because unlike an Adventist potluck they don't drench everything in cheese.  Plus it is always nice to kick it with my boy Junior in Miami.
3.  Brunch at the Green Gateau:  It took 17 hours for our food to get there but that meal was the bomb.
2.  Youngs Thanksgiving:  If you saw the pics of the feast we had here the week before Thanksgiving you probably thought to yourself that the food looked good.  It was.  Tyler tried to stick it through the gap in his teeth.
1.  Angelo's of Mulberry Street:  When we were in Soho Yowit Sr. (Richard Paradise) called me and told me to go down Angelo's and order the Vodka Rigatoni (no liquor in the macs).  I did it was amazing.  After that we walked down the Little Italy Street to a pastry shop and got hooked up.

Judy from Bozeman, MT wants to know any big plans for Lovestopicnic in 2011?

Big Rich:  2010 was the first full year of LTP.  I think it is growing right before our eyes.  2011 is going be crazy.  There will be cat pics and kicks.  Not to mention the 2nd annual Lovestopicnic picnic.  And if you are wondering what that mug is going to look like go watch the wedding at the beginning of Godfather pt 1.

Roger from Lincoln, NE wants to know The Chiefs are in the playoffs.  How do you think this is going to go?  I am excited to see what you will do when they lose.

Big Rich:  I actually haven't thought about this yet Roger.  I'll tell you how it is going to go.  The Chiefs are going to beat the Raiders this weekend giving them the 3 seed.  They will face the NY Jets at Arrowhead.  The game is going to be on Sabbath.  It will start at four in the afternoon.  This way I can drive three hours if I want to watch half of the game.  I will decide that it is not worth it and will have to eat the 95 bucks that i've already spent on the ticket.  Friday night I will not be able to sleep.  Natalie will try to remind me that it is just a game and that I need to calm down.  I will not be calm.  We will have a small to medium sized fight about this.  During church I will be crabby and tired since I didn't get alot of sleep.  I try to take a nap in the afternoon but it just doesn't work.  Natalie will comment that I'm driving everybody crazy and I should just watch the game on Sabbath if I am thinking about it the whole time.  I don't do that.  Everybody knows that's a trap.  The game starts.  I watch in my cave.  Chiefs win!  They beat the Jets and get the first playoff win for the Chiefs since 1994.  The Chiefs are facing the Steelers in round two.  My friendship with Ice is ruined because she doesn't know how serious I am about the Chiefs.  The Chiefs lose but they play a great game.  We chalk it up as a moral victory.  I don't make a video.

Meredith in Baton Rouge, LA wants to know is Jimmy Philips dating someone?

Big Rich:  We are all very proud of Jimmy.  Jimmy is doin it real big.

Cliff from Las Vegas NV wants to know Rich do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Big Rich:  Last year I resolved to floss more.  I did.  I actually got into a flossing habit.  It was cool.  This year I just want to get better in the important things.  I want to be better in all of my relationships.  In all seriousness I want to have a better relationship with God.  I want to have a better relationship with my wife.  I want to have a better relationship with my brother and sister.  I want to have a better relationship with my family.  I think these relationships will affect everything I do with my life.    I am going to get better in these relationships by making them my priorities.  The Chiefs and Jayhawks aren't my priorities.  This blog isn't my priority. My God and my family are. 2010 was amazing. 2011 will be better. 

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.  If you have questions for my next mailbag hit me up

My Favorite movies of 2010

10. The Black Swan: Saw this mug last week. It was beautiful...and creepy.

9. Shutter Island: Didn't forget that I pumped this mug up earlier in the year. It wasn't what I expected it to be but it was still great. Leonardo Dicaprio is easily my favorite actor.

8. Tangled: This movie made me feel good.

7. The Other Guys: This movie was stupid. It will be getting watched alot at my crib.

6. The Fighter: Christian Bale only takes parts where he changes his voice or loses 30 pounds. Amazing performance. Marky Mark has been one of my faves since "The Big Hit"

5. The Town: I hear someone say that if the Japanese knew that Michael Bay was going to make that terrible movie they wouldn't have attacked Pearl Harbor. This movie directed by Ben Affleck almost makes up for it...almost. Mobster flicks always rate up there with me.

4. True Grit: NaTaTa saw this twice. That's big. Coen bros aren't making it fair for others.

3. The Social Network: This trailer puts it all the way up here. These last three movies were really hard for me to decide. Any of them could have been #1 for me. I can't wait to see this again. David Fincher is my boy (Director).

2. Toy Story 3: I walked out of this movie thinking that it was the best movie I had seen in a long time. I welled up in this mug...welled.

1. Inception: Like I said any of these top 3 could have been #1. But LTP would explode if this wasn't #1.

is this real?

Amazing shot!!!

The "You Got Served" "Fiddler On The Roof" Mashup we have all been waiting for has been found.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

LTP pics of the year

2010 was the first year that I had an ok camera. I took alot of pictures. It was hard to come up with my favorites. These are the 10 that stood out to me the most.

10. This is a picture of my girl Abigail "Young Money" Adams on the beach at Broken Arrow Ranch. She was in a few LTP pics this year and is one of my favorite people. I love the way the lake looks in this picture.

9. Max was a good kid and he was very excited to see me. I was only able to be around him for an hour. But in that hour Aaron had to send him to the corner for a moment. I can't wait to show him this picture when he gets older.

8. At the beginning of the school year we went down to the capital and then started walking downtown. On the way there we saw a Catholic church. We wandered inside and everybody spread out and sat in silence for a second. This is Michael Beans.

7. This is my favorite "I captured that mug" moment. Samantha looks awesome and Teresa being in the picture makes it that much better.

6. If you haven't been to Lee's Chicken near Pioneers Park...don't worry about it. This picture is up in the old office. This is the only pictue on LTP that was taken by someone I don't know. The waitress at the chicken joint knew what she was doin.

5. This shot was taken by NaTaTa right before we left Seth and Mary's wedding. I think we were talking about the Union College Warriors Basketball season.

4. Izaby da Baby is the official baby of LTP.

3. Right before we piled in the van to go on a recruiting trip I saw Zelda's suitcase and I knew we had to take a picture with it. This was taken outside of Centralia Missouri.

2. After we left the zoo we were walking back to the car and we saw the mural. We took some of my favorite pictures that day. I think they define what 2010 is to me. These are my people.

1. I walked under the clocktower and shot this mug.

For some reason I hate this kid and the narrator



HIGHLIGHT REEL - Conan O'Brien & Steven Ho from Steven Ho on Vimeo.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The new one is so dope

This is the way you should watch a Chiefs game. My boy Mike Moss with the throwback Derrik Thomas Jersey and scowl.

Warning: This is the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. Please don't text while you are driving.

This is amazing. Dude sounds just like him


Brooklyn becomes hoth here

Whip it

New Label

Every night when Natalie goes to sleep I go upstairs and hang out with her.  Most of the time we just lay in bed and talk about the day.  She tells me about some patient that cussed her out because he didn't want to take his heart medicine and I listen.  Every night I find out a little bit more about the nursing profession.  It's my goal that one day i'll actully know a little bit about health care.  By the way while i'm typing this i'm watching "Casino".  That is my go to movie whenever I don't know what to watch.  Back to what I was saying.  Whenever I lean over to give her a kiss good night she always turns her head away so I can't kiss her.  She knows that me giving her a kiss means that i"m going to leave.  She tells me that I don't love her and I tell her that I do but I can't go to sleep at 9:30 because I'm not tired.  Sometimes she wrestles me down and tries to pin me so I can't leave.  At the end she always says something like this "Go watch your stupid sports".  Natalie only says "Stupid" when she is about to go to sleep and she is getting tired.  "Is stupid sports goin to keep you warm at night?  When you get hungry are you going to watch sports?  When you need a shirt ironed are you going to watch sports?  When you are sad is stupid sports going to be there to scratch your back?  Sports isn't going to do any of that.  You know who will?  Your wife."  You know, she makes a great point.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I love Michael Beans. Why #1 because of his smile at 55 seconds. #2 Because he is a wordsmith, check out 1:07. You my boy Mike. I'm happy you are back Tiffany.

NaTaTa 10 favorite pics.

I love my wife and I think she is beautiful. These are my 10 favorite pictures of her this year.

10. I love how she looks so happy to be leaving the New York City Subway.
9. Sabbath afternoon
8. When I'm on the road and I want to show people a picture of what my wife looks like this is the one I choose.
7. This was taken in Central Park. If you watch SNL and you saw video with Akon and Andy Samburg in Central Park you will see these stairs in the background.
6. Another Sabbath afternoon straight stuntin on fools
5. Mella took this one at my birthday party that she threw me.
4. Natalie hates this picture. I love it. I put it in my office. It's on top of the Rockerfeller Center.
3. This picture was taken after we walked three miles into Brooklyn. Her feet were hurtin and she was not happy. But she is always beautiful.\
2. These last three are in my office. This one was taken under a bridge on Brush Creek a couple blocks from the Plaza in Kansas City.
1. NaTaTa is Malcom X. Please don't mess with her.

In ya face northeast!!!

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

This is a picture of Kanye at the Lakers game on Christmas.

I did this today except for the part where they hit hit a clay pigeon with a golf ball. During that part I sat in my basement and played video games until my hair hurt.

Does anybody look at these when I post em

Wingsuit Basejumping - The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas to me

Chiefs Bullet Points

  • 7 for 7 at Arrowhead for JoJo and your boy!
  • Today we were joined by the kid Mikeydise.
  • The guy next to me was so drunk that he came all the way back around to making sense.
  • Is it weird that I eat the hotdogs that I get at the Chiefs game in the bathroom?  Its the only warm place around.
  • Today we matched our win total over the last three years.
  • When the Chargers lost to the Bengals we were all watching in a restaurant.   I got up and started walking around like Rocky after running up the stairs.  Nobody else did anything.
  • On the way home NaTaTa let me listen to some sports radio.  This is love.
  • I can tell that she is really happy for me and the Chiefs.  
  • Chiefs get a home playoff game.  I have no doubt that it will be on the Sabbath.  

Put the computer down and head to the basement!!!

Do I need a reason to post one of the dopest jams of all time.


NaTaTa got wise to this after year two

Saturday, December 25, 2010

LTP Contest Champion!!!

Because of the many of videos that were sent in it was very tough to pick a winner of the first ever contest at LTP. These were the three finalists.

Ted and Miriam were up for first place but their video is way longer then the two minute time allotment. Still a good effort.

Untitled from Yami Jing on Vimeo.

Mikeydise came in with a noble effort. Good enough to get second place. I had decided a couple days ago that 2nd place would receive 25 dollars. Congrats Michael. Since you haven't paid me nothin for that LTP I will just consider us even. Isiah is Da Future!!!

What can I say Melissa Mac came with it. I would like to mention that this was the first entry and it gets first prize. Mel Macphee is LTP Person of the year. She proved that mug with this video. Thanks for being awesome Mel.

My Christmas: Photos by Yowit and Yamijing