Thursday, July 29, 2010

NY state of mind

We went to Soho today. Before that we sat down at Katz Deli and had a Pastrami on Rye. This deli is where they shot the famous "I'll have what she's having" scene in When Harry Met Sally. I didn't take too many pictures today. The building is on Mercer street. The picture of me in front of the huge mirror is at the A.P.C. store. And the last picture is the stairs that you have to take to get to the Nom De Guerre store. They were pretty scary.
Shout out to Mel Macphee. If you don't know why check my twitter feed.

Cuemotion is always doing it really big.

Jocelyn & Chase from CueMotion Studios on Vimeo.

These are the shoes I was looking for when I went in the Nom De Guerre store...they weren't there.

There was a man in the subway station at Spring street playing this song.

If I stop by Marcy tomorrow will Jigga be there?

I think this is how the Meth heads got into my house.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok let me help you if you don't understand some of these pics. The first one is of Scott Disick. What's that you don't know who Scott Disick is? Well go to google and type the word Scott. He's the fourth one down. He is dating Courtney Kardashian. You wouldn't know who he is if you didn't watch the E channel religiously like Big Rich. The story is that this guy is a jerk. He dates Courtney and she just had their baby on the last season. The sad thing is that I spotted him on 5th Avenue and not Na Ta Ta. She didn't believe me at first but when we rolled up we knew it was him. He is also a jerk in real life. The second pic is of me coming out of the subway on Canal Street about to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Also if you are into awkward kissing in front of strangers check out the Brooklyn Promenade.


reading this thing hurts my brain.

Warning: Saddest thing ever on LTP. I'm serious this mug is sad.

define irony

Always Strapped

Did you think I was lying in my tweet yesterday when I said I was picking up some artillery with my mother in law? Well I wasn't. This is my mother in law with her new shotgun. Natalie was holding on to it for quite a while. I guess I never really understand how much Tennessee is in my wife until I'm down here.