Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I tried to think of something clever but this mug is just funny. Please watch it

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'

You're welcome

Saw this trailer at Sherlock Holmes. I am pumped


to late?

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel by The Franz Family // Canon 5D Mark II from ColdWater Media on Vimeo.

Big Rich perspective on Jim Caldwell's decision

After thinking about this for a couple days I have come to the opinion that Jim Caldwell made the wrong move in Indianapolis on Sunday. There are two reasons why I think this was the wrong move. By pulling his starters with a third quarter lead I believe that Jim Caldwell slapped the fans in the face. These fans paid real dollars for tickets to that game. They deserve a real performance and a chance to stay undefeated at home. I can say this being a season ticket holder to a NFL team that puts on terrible performances weekly. If this game were on the road it might be a different story. But it wasn't. The Colts were at home. This was embarrasing for the fans. The second reason I believe it was a bad idea was the old Herman Edwards rule. Hello!? You play to win the game! I know in the long run winning the Superbowl is more important then going undefeated in the regular season. But shouldn't you try your best in every game that counts? It makes me believe that he isn't as competitive as you would want a head coach to be. It really makes me believe that this year's Colts are hoping that everything goes well instead of being aggressive and taking the Vince Lombardi trophy that we once thought belonged to them this year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I thought Andy did a good job on this. I'm not gay

The Odenthals from CueMotion Studios on Vimeo.

Jason, lock the door!


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Jam! Wade looks stupid

This is it

Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

There is a new record for snowfall in December for Lincoln Nebraska. 24.5 inches. This broke the record from 1945. So yeah no celebrity gossip. Its tough to come across when you are holed up in your house because there is more snow then we've had since Truman was the President.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My top 10 movies of 2009

10. This is it. RIP Michael

9. Avatar

8. Funny People. Funny, depressing, I like both of these things

7. Adventureland. Just watched this tonight

6. The Hurt Locker

5. Up in the air. Check out the Omaha airport in this picture

4. The Hangover. I laughed harder at this then any other movie this year

3. Up. Pixar

2. 500 Days of Summer I really related to this mug.

1. Inglorious Basterds. This was my favorite movie of 2009

Live Chiefs game blog

Ok since I am finally in my own home on a sunday I will do a live Chiefs blog. Why am I doing this. Cause I love to hear myself speak. And this is the biggest game the Chiefs have ever played.
11:57 Ok the game starts in 3 minutes and I am posted up in the Man Cave. Natalie is probably upstairs fixing me a lunch. Probably a decadent tray of sandwiches and chips. Oh I just heard the garage close. I guess I'm the only one here. Here is a little pre game info. This is LJ aka Grandmama's first game against the Chiefs. Over under 112 yards rushing?
12:00 Sick the Chiefs are wearing the white on whites. I think the last time they wore the white on whites it was Natalie's first game at Arrowhead. Coincedentally we also played the Bengals that day and Trent Green got smalacked by Robert Geathers and his career was never the same.
14:24 left in the first Ok there is our first penalty. Nice.
13:37 left in the first Wow we got a first down. Jam!
11:50 left in the first Ok the Chiefs had to punt. Here is what I've been waiting for. The Chiefs on D. Last week we gave...wait let me check the stats..oh yeah a Billion rushing yards. Will they do better today? Natalie, the sandwiches!
9:29 left in the first Glen Dorsey makes his first tackle. Last week at the game I asked him if he would be back this week. He told me he would. My boy Glenn would never lie to me.
6:52 left in the first Chiefs D makes the Bengals punt. I also yelled my first "NOT UP IN HERE!" of the day. Sidenote: Is Jamal Charles who we thought he was?
3:04 left in the first Brandon Flowers makes a great play on Ochocinco and the Bengals punt. I like Brandon Flowers. B Flowers and Tamba Hali are the only Chiefs players on D that are "any good".
1:26 left in first Branden Albert wiped out a 40 yard run on a holding call. I don't have any sandwiches.
End of the first Quarter Chiefs 0 Bengals 0 This game is moving right along. The Chiefs hold their ground. We could be turning this mug around. I see hope. Don't call it a comeback! We rollin!
Start of second quarter Quinn Cosby just tried his best Joshua Cribbs impersonation. That mug was as bad as my Karl Heinz Schroeder impersonation(I can't get that frickin german accent down and I have so many jokes that would really work for Schroeder, this really bothers me).
14:01 left in second LJ gets his first carry. Immediately following that Carson Palmer throws an interception . See nothing happens good when LJ carries the ball.
This is neither here nor there but why haven't I gotten any comments on that Nickleback graph I posted? What's with you people? That mug is funny? I am giving you pearls here!
11:33 left in the seconed NOT UP IN HERE! Bengals fans look frusrated that they can't do anything against our defense. It is kinda embarrasing. I am pretty sure Daniel Force's intramural team could march on this team's D.
9:34 left in secondLarry Johnson is a tool
My lunch options are getting slimmer by the minute. I am goin to go see wassup in the kitchen.
8:34 left in the second I have an enchilada dinner goin in the microwave and Wallace Gillberry is gettin busy! Bengals look terrible.
6:21 left in the second Ding! Enchiladas ready. Dwayne Bowe drop
There are church closings going by at the bottom of the screen. This means nothing to me. I go to church on Saturday. I'm not a part of your system.
2:23 left in the second Horrible snap. Cincy has it 1st and goal. I just finished my enchiladas.
30 minutes later God Bless DVR. I had to pause the game cause my wife is trying to go see "Nine". She couldn't get of the driveway because the plows pushed all the snow against it. So I had to stop her before she rammed through the 4 ft high wall of ice in our 96 Camry. But I cleared that mug. Now back to the game.
1:51 left in first half Bengals: We have a touchdown! Ed Hochuli: No you don't.
1:42 left in the first half Are the Chiefs playing against the Chiefs. Bengals blew that nasty. The Bengals biggest mistake. Leaving my man Matt Cassell with 3 timeouts. Two minute drill in the house!
Halftime Chiefs 3 Bengals 3. This mug is amazing!
Start of second half First play for the Bengals is a 30 yd run. Stupid Stupid Stupid!
9:10 in the 3rd Coles just got a TD. Which reminds me. I really like the way my man cave is looking. Just got a new Jayhawks poster. if you are in town come check it out.
Commercial Just got a look at the "Book Of Eli" trailer. that mug looks not dope.
Sometime in the 3rd quarter Nice blocked punt Chiefs.
Start of the 4th I can't believe Tim Castille caught that thing. TD KC!
Ok 10 to 10 Chiefs are looking good.
Bengals are driving on us. Trey just sent me that "good game" text. Not goin to answser cause I got game face goin on.
3:25 left in game Ok they are about to score and this mug will be over.
2:03 Dang,
This mug is over I am depressed. At least I'm home. Howla. By the way if anyone reads this whole thing please leave a comment. I want to know who you are.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Youngs

Wu Saturday night


Here it is. The top ten OH SNAP moments on my blog in 2009
10. This guy has bunnies!(hops)

9. This mug is stupid.

8. Who thinks this is real?

7. Sniznap!

6. This hurts my mind to think about.

5. O. Snap.

4. I have no response to this.

3. This guy is now dead.

2. Oh no he didn't

1. Wow.

This is a huge cow

Thursday, December 24, 2009

for the rest of us!

I love this mug. I have been waiting for today to post it

This would have been me

Merry Christmas

I could really see Yara and myself doing this.

Santa must be Italian (sweat suit joke)


Are you not entertained? Wait different movie

The Space Jams coming to a store near you

I'm goin to miss this decade

Get your Tinsel ready it's about to go down!

I'm leaning towards believing this guy

This must be the movie that he is talking about in my #1 Late night post of the year video

I was watching an old KU game from 2002 today on ESPN classic. Drew really changed after college.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nebraska winter

Top 10 music posts of 2009

Here is my list. I hope I dissapoint you. But If I do you should remember that this is my blog. And if you don't agree you can start your own blog with your bootsy opinions and tastes. Howla!

10. This is the song that put me on to Public School 22.

9. This Jam would have been alot higher but it just came out today. It still jumps on the list.

8. You can think that John Mayer is a jerk. But this video is dope.

7. I like this song

6. I don't understand what the flip is goin on here. That don't mean I don't like it. Howla!

5. This is beautiful

4. At one point this was my favorite video of the year. It's not my fault that some videos came along that I like a little better. I still feel bad for it though.

3. This does not need an explanation. It's dopeness is obvious

2. I can really feel his pain in this performance. This version is way better then the album version. He is an incredible artist.
Kanye West Hey Mama (Live Grammy Performance)

1. This was my favorite music post of 2009. Not only do I love the song, but I like the way that she sings it better then the Kings of Leon. Also I played this video more then any other one.


this is unsettling

look out for that eagle dude