Friday, October 30, 2009

This guy is kinda funny

So you haven’t picked out a costume yet and you’re afraid it’s too late? Never fear! I have compiled this list of cheap and easy costume ideas for those of you who waited until the last minute. Feel free to use any of these. All I ask is that you send me a check for five dollars, or at least tell all your friends that I am handsome.

A good costume to wear in these hipster times is Ironic You. This is someone who dresses exactly like you, but does so ironically. Put on your favorite sweater and say, “Isn’t this sweater lame? It’s so bad it’s great.” Talk about movies you like. “The Royal Tenenbaums? That’s the worst. That makes it the best!”

Another great costume is Person Who Ignores Everyone Because She’s Listening To Her IPod. Wear headphones that lead into your pocket. Cut in line at the keg. When someone taps you on the shoulder and tells you you’re cutting, make a gesture that says, “I can’t hear you. I’m listening to my iPod.” Smile and nod at everyone. Tell people how much you love Matt & Kim.

Everybody wants to be a sexy something for Halloween — like a sexy vampire or a sexy umpire — but you know what I think is sexy? TAKING A STAND AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE. So, do something with that, maybe.

Whatever you do, DON’T go as Zombie Michael Jackson, because no matter how much work you put into it, there’s going to be five guys at the party in better Zombie Michael Jackson costumes. Remember last year how every guy was the Joker and every girl was either Sarah Palin or Sexy Sarah Palin? That’s what it’s going to be like this year with Zombie Michael Jackson. It’s going to be like that scene in Being John Malkovich when Malkovich goes through the tunnel and ends up in a restaurant full of Malkoviches. It’s going to be like that with Zombie Michael Jackson. “But in the Thriller video—” Yeah, I know, I get it. Listen: do yourself a favor. Go as Zombie Bea Arthur instead.

Go as the person who’s too cool to dress up for Halloween. Make fun of other people’s costumes as viciously as possible, then say, ”I don’t really feel that way; I just have to stay in character.”

Wear all one color. Maybe red or yellow. When no one’s watching, surreptitiously sip a large glass of water, and keep the water in your mouth. Go to to a large group of people having a conversation and quietly join the circle. When the timing feels right, spit out your water on someone. Yay fire hydrant!

Or wear all brown and proclaim, “I’m a Hallo-weenie!” If people do not laugh at your joke, say it again, louder. Maybe they didn’t hear you the first time. Maybe they are deaf. Say it in sign language. If they still do not laugh, they probably just don’t get it. Man, this party’s full of losers.

Go to a Halloween party in normal clothes and say you’re a surfer dude. If someone asks why you aren’t dressed for surfing, say “Why would I go surfing in October? At night? At a halloween party?” Then say, “Idiot.”
Here’s a similar idea that really packs a wallop: go as a member of the KKK when not at a rally. Again, this requires no actual costume aside from what you’re actually wearing that day. Someone might come up to you and say, “What’s so scary about that? You look just like anybody else.” Reply: “You just answered your own question.”
Or you could be a robot from the future trying to pass as a twenty-first century human. Dress in normal clothes and talk like how a robot would think a person would talk. Or don’t! Whatever!

Here’s something: take a trip down memory lane and put on some clothes you haven’t worn for weeks. Say, ”I’m September Me. I’m just like Now Me, except I happened a month ago.” Pretend you don’t know anyone that you’ve met since September. Make lots of cultural references to September, like, “Don’t you love that Patrick Swayze’s still alive?” or “I haven’t given up on Glee yet!” or “I’mma let you finish, but September is the best month of all time! OF ALL TIME!”

Go as your roommate! This is super easy; just ask your roommate if you can borrow some clothes. Then after the party, he’ll say, “Hey, can I get my clothes back?” and you’ll say, “Yeah, I’m just going to wash them for you,” then NEVER GIVE THEM BACK! Ha ha, suck on that, roommate.
Hey guys! Raphael is here to solve your Halloween costume problems for good.

- Adam

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Monday, October 26, 2009

You can never go back home.

Most people know me as the loud guy from Kansas City. But before I lived in KC I lived in Atlanta for seven years. I would say that my childhood was in Atlanta. We had a great school and a great church. Since I have been down here in Atlanta I decided to go back and visit the places where I grew up. I can't really describe the feeling. Its kind of good and kind of sad. It's good because I can look back and see what an awesome childhood I had. My parents always had us busy doing something. We were not allowed to watch tv growing up and I don't think that I missed out on a thing. When my dad told us that we were going to move from Atlanta our hearts were broken. That was where are home was. Of course God knew what he was doing and Kansas City was the next great chapter in our lives. Going back was also good because It gave me a chance to reflect on how good God is. How he knows exactly what is best. He works through those that love him. In this case he worked through my dad when my dad decided to move. Coming back was almost a little sad because it made me remember all of the good times and I wish I had a better memory of them. I wish my mind could get transformed back to how it was when I was in 4th grade. I wish I could live like that for a day. I know these pictures won't mean anything to most of you but this was my life. And they mean something to the people that are most important to me.

My old House

These are a few pictures of the house I grew up in. We used to eat Sabbath lunch on the patio. One Sabbath my parents broke down the birds and the bees while we ate on the screened porch. The stuff you remember.

Better at Becker

Here are a few pictures of what used to be Becker Adventist School. I put the picture of the monkey bars cause thats where I broke Tara Twomley's nose while trying to flirt with her. She had a weak grip.

On my mind

Stone Mountain

My favorite part about living in Atlanta was Stone Mountain. We climbed this thing so much. Sabbath afternoon you could always catch the Youngs on the mountain. We got to the top and my mom and dad would not let us buy anything cause it was the sabbath. The last time I was on this mountain was the summer after eighth grade. It was great to go up again. I walked up around 5 and I chilled at the top until the sun set.

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Had to do some shopping while I was in Atlanta. You know how we do.

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Jay Z to perform before the first pitch

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