Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conan hits his head

Watching that clip made me cringe. Everytime I see it I get a little sick. I know exactly how Conan was feeling. You see I myself have had some issues with the old melon injury. I guess It has to go back to when I was in the seventh grade. I was playing basketball in the gym and I slammed my head into someone else's head. The next class period I was sitting there staring at the teacher wondering why I didn't have peripheral vision. There was the time that Aaron and I were wrestling in my dorm room and he knocked my head onto the floor. Yeah I was done after that.
The worst head injury I have ever had happened kind of like Conan's. It was basketball weekend at Union College and it was my first year working as a recruiter. Basketball weekend has the worst weather so naturally It had just snowed and there was ice everywhere. After vespers I decided to go over to Buell's house to get a cinnamon roll or seven. When I got there I realized that there were not alot of people there. My dream had finally come true. I was going to be able to eat as many of Kathy's rolls as I wanted. I had given a ride to several Union students. Logan, Heather, and Joe were relaxing while I ate my seven rolls. As the night came to an end we decided that it was time to head back to the school. I walked outside where there was a group of academy students getting ready to leave as well. I walked to the curb where I had parked my car. The only thing I remember from here is slipping and falling. The next thing I knew the academy group was laughing at me. My only thought was to play it off quickly and get up. So I got up as fast as I could and got in my car. My memory comes back in as I was driving down pine lake road not knowing where I was going. That was a scary feeling. I was just driving down the road watching the snow come down confused as I have ever been. The next thing I know I am in the emergency room. Now here is what actually happened. When all of the students got in my car I started complaining that I did not know where I was. Logan being Logan started making fun of me. Heather was starting to get worried and Joe being an IRR major wanted to do surgery on me. They all thought I was just messing with them until I passed every street that you would possibly take to get back to Union. They decided I was telling the truth and someone took over the driving cause I would probably drive us into a ditch in the next second or so. After Logan started driving all I did was complain about where Natalie was. I also was wondering who had stolen my car keys. When they pulled up to the dorm Chris Gutierrez was there and he took me to the hospital.
From then on people were trying to get a hold of Natalie. She was working at the Heart Hospital that night. Bo Seltman finally got a hold of her and she thought that he was joking for the longest time. When she realized that the man of her dreams (heh heh) was in the hospital she left quickly and drove to the hospital that I was at. I remember being in all kinds of weird rooms in the hospital just getting tested and complaining about where my girlfriend was. When she showed up in the emergency room I could hear how calm her voice was. She didn't even come to see me first because she wanted to have a conversation with the doctor. When I finally saw her face I was so happy and confused. The next day I walked into church and sat next to Buell. Buell said something like "wassup dog". I turned and looked at him witha punch drunk stare and blamed his stupid driveway for putting me in the hospital. So I guess the moral of this story is don't eat seven rolls at one sitting. And don't let me drive If I am complaining about not knowing where I am.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Shelby's Birthday/New Haven Vespers

Blog Spotlight of the day: Supercool Beans

Today I want to focus on my boy Mike Beans. If I was to blame anyone for my ankle surgery I would have to blame him. Cause it was after some sick street hoops at the Calvert Rec center courts that I began to feel some pain. But thats behind us cause my boy Mike is in Egypt this year. Yeah thats right. Now you know why you haven't seen as many track suits around campus lately. I was hoping someone would take his Basketball shorts with a polo shirt style and run with it. But no one has. To be completely honest with you I kinda miss the kid. I have no idea what he is doin out there but when I think about it the picture in my mind always goes back to the movie "The Ten Commandments". I always picture him stomping around in mud making bricks, or swimming in the Red Sea. I don't know. So yeah here is my shout out to the only dude I know to fall asleep at a Superbowl party. Holla! P.S. Judging from this picure this dude must be serious about playing the guitar.