Friday, July 31, 2009

#39 Batman, 1989

Its hard to explain how much I love this movie. Batman is by far my favorite superhero. This movie was also the first PG13 movie that my parents let me watch. I remember begging my mom to let me see it. I watched it over and over again. I think I rented this movie 7 or 8 times growing up. Whenever I was at blockbuster and I couldn't think of anything to watch this was my go to rental. My sister and I have memorized scenes of dialouge in this movie. Whenever we made a movie at home using our beat up video camera we always used the music from this movie as the soundtrack. I still think Michael Keaton was a great Batman. Jack Nicholson was a great Joker. I really like Batman Returns too I just couldn't find a spot for it on this list. Here is some rare footage that you can't find anywhere (except youtube) of a documentary that they made about the making of this movie.

D Bowe shows up with the Louis bag

cluct mita reebok exo fit hi strap, I'm not saying I like em I'm just saying maybe

Casio G shock crazy colors

Blog Spotlight of day Justin Henry

What can I say about my dude Justin that hasn't already been said about the bathrooms in Culver. Justin Henry is to my life what Marilyn Manson is to kids who cut themselves. He goes by alot of names. J, J Henny, J Hen, Henny no chaser, Henny and Coke, the prom date, shaggy, latin lover, and Justin. He lives by several creeds. His main one being you go street you get beat. After I saw that this was true I stopped going street. Which has really impacted my life. If I could tell you one thing about Justin that you didn't know it would be that he takes no prisnoners. For example one time Justin and I were beating up this kid on the corner of 56th and Calvert when I decided that enough was enough. I said "Justin we've hurt this kid pretty badly I think we need to go ahead and take him prisoner." Justin turned to me and gave me a look that was so gangster that I have never looked him in the eye since then and said "Rich maybe you don't know this about me about me but I TAKE NO PRISONERS". If I had to say something about his basketball skills I would say that his defense is wak. Truth be told Justin is my guy. Ever since he came to Union we have been pals. Basketball games (either against each other or Warriors) would not have been the same without him.

I beat this but i didn't have a camera

Cool Blog alert

I love the Chiefs. You should to and read this site daily Bob Gretz

This is my favorite video that I've posted, if you didn't watch the short version watch this one featuring Kobe

Larry Johnson is wearing the Louis Vutton Jaspers that I always talk about

Thursday, July 30, 2009

#40 A few good men, 1992

This is the last Tom Cruise movie on my list and it is my favorite one of his movies. I am actually kind of sad to see what has happened to Tom Cruise. He used to be a huge box office draw and now it seems like he is a joke. This movie has one of the most amazing scenes and quotes in movie history. Jack Nicholson makes this movie what it is. You will be seeing more of him on my list.

Matt Cassell, Mike Vrabel, and Brodie showing up to camp Its football season baby!

Supra TK Society X games colorway

6 months later

Big Rich Video Blog

Cool Blog, Seth Pierce

I went to College with this guy and he is still working in the Kansas/Nebraska Conference. This blog is only funny if you are an Adventist. Here it is

Big Papi Juicing! Who would have thought? Oh yeah all the Twins fans I know

Blog follower spotlight of the Day Ed Mejia

Being funny is alot like baseball. There are your power hitter comedians. They go for the homerun laugh. But just like your power hitters in baseball they strike out alot. There are also guys that are funny for average. These are the type of people that consistently make you chuckle. My man Ed is like the Tony Gwynn of funny dudes. I rarely have a chance to talk to this guy but I really think he is one of the funniest guys on the internet. His Bulletin updates rarely miss. I think he has also had the most comments on my blog. That means alot to a dude from south KC. And since I mentioned Chase's blazing speed let me say something basketball wise about my man Ed. He never saw a no look pass that he did not like. Actually he never saw a normal bounce/chest pass that he could not turn into a no look pass. The homey Ed once did a no look in bounds pass after a bucket. You could say he is the the Oscar De La Hoya of the hardwood.

I'm goin to do this when my ankle gets better

These dudes are jocking my style

A Serious Man Trailer New Coen Bros

This is the first movie the coens have made since Burn after reading. It looks like it is about a jewish physics professor. Other then that you can't tell much from the trailer except that it looks really good.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#41 Superbad 2007

A couple of summers ago when this movie came out there were arguments over which movie was better, Superbad or Knocked Up. If you notice my list Knocked up was 80 so you know how I feel about it. Seth Geezy and I saw this movie together. We laughed really hard. This is the kind of movie that I had to work really hard to find a clip that wasn't bad. I eventually had to settle with the trailer. I know kind of a cop out. I really think this is the movie that I laughed the hardest while watching it in the theater. I was pretty obnoxious. Anyway I wish I had something profound to say but this movie just makes me laugh.

My Wife's dinner: Bowl of Smoothie, Toast with nutritional yeast, She was raised by hippies

Do I need a haircut? Poll on left

Turn Table for DJ Hero

Shaq is the man

Spotlight on secret follower Chase Tikker

My blog has grown these last couple months. Its credibility has risen with the help of some big name secret followers. Today I want to spotlight my real boy Chase Tikker. He goes by alot of names. A few to his face. Tik, C Tik, Mr. Never wear the same thing twice, 50, Feezy, Ferrari, F 50, The Newcomer of this summer. Yeah you have heard of him. He also has a reputation on the court for blazing by you with a blinding first step. Word on the street one night at late night he hooped on cats. Right now he is kickin it in the Inland Empire. So if you are a single lady and you are lookin for a good time Holler at Chase. He is probably the chillest cat I know. Just look at this picture. Ryan Barnett obviously flustered at the picture while Chase is cool as the other side of the pillow.

Why all the Beckham hatred?

Bun B consistently early

Bun B - Keepin' Air Yeezy's Clean from on Vimeo.

Jimmy Carr Comedian

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#42 The Big Lebowski, 1998

This is definitely an aquired taste. But the people that love this movie LOVE this movie. It has what you would call a cult following. There are so many sware words in this movie there are also so many amazing moments. It has a couple of the best characters created for cinema. Mainly the "Dude" and "Walter". If you have this movie you have to watch it expecting something wierd that you might not be able to understand the first time that you see it. It is a Coen Bros movie so it has their dark humor. It seems like everybody dies in their movies. Its hilarious check it out for yourself.

The Choice is yours

Coldplay "Strawberry Swing"

Self Interview

pretentious tatoo

ladies and gentleman the Beatles

Reebok reverse jam fall 2009

What do you know, Shaqtus

The Hurt Locker

#43 West Side Story

Ok last one. Last musical. Get mad if you want. I like this movie. There was a song from this movie in my wedding. And if you hate on that you are hating on my wedding. If you are hating on my wedding Natalie doesn't like you and she will find you. You don't want any part of that.

I don't like you either

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adidas James Bond/David Beckham apparel

Don't watch this if you get sick easy

more wedding footage

Where all your dreams come true


I don't know what it is but I have been having alot of different thoughts lately. Maybe its the drugs. I hope not cause I like some of these thoughts. When I found out that the Beatles used drugs as inspiration to some of their best songs it made me sad. Where all those ideas in their heads to begin with. Did marijuana just open them up and set those ideas free. How do I get to some of my best ideas. Are they locked up and the only way to get to them is take 2 Oxycontin every four to six hours. I really like the idea of being creative. I have never thought of myself as a creative person. I've thought that I'm cool but not as a person who has his own interesting thoughts that when put together are something that no one has ever seen or heard about before. I am not original either. So much of my stuff is borrowed. I read alot about comedians, musicians, and artists. I like to find out where they get their inspiration. How they put things together. I want to know how their minds work so I can make my mind work like theirs so I can come up with brilliant, original things. Anyway here are some thoughts.

1. I love this blog. I really wonder if anyone looks at it. I hope people do because I do put alot of time into doing it. I think about it alot. I want it to be a good mixture of things that would interest every kind of person. I think that my job is just to find the interesting things and put them on here so everyone can see them without going through the hassle of looking them up themselves. I guess its also a way that I can show my creativity. There are days when I go to sleep and I feel especially proud of it. Like the other day Miriam commented that my blog was hilarious and she told me that she read it out loud to Ted and he thought it was funny to. That stuff feels great. If you enjoy this blog don't hesitate to comment cause that is what keeps it goin.

2. Maybe you are not into sports but for me they really bring me alot of joy. I love just reading about sports and keeping up day to day with what is going on. Knowing what is happening is so important to me. There is always something to look forward to. I love hearing every one's opinion and deciding on my own.

3. I don't read any fiction. I watch enough movies and tv shows that i feel like reading fiction would shortchange all of the amazing things that have happened in this world that I don't know about. Why should I read a story that someone made up when I can read the true story of amazing people and what they did to change the world.

4. I never thought that I was that into music. I come from a very musical family but I always thought that music didn't interest me. I realize now that music is such a huge part of my life. Listening to it, evaluating it, critiquing it. I love all kinds of music. I will listen to anything. You have probably noticed that if you have been reading this blog.

5. Now that I am out of college learning is more important to me. I want to learn something everyday. I just want to read and soak it in. I want to be smart.

6. If I could pick one attribute to have that a women have that I don't I would pick doin two things at one time. How do they do that stuff. I can barely do one thing at one time. I want to be able to read and watch a movie and have a conversation. Or maybe just chew and think.

7. I want to trust God. I want to never doubt him.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Band Of Outsiders Sperry Collabo

I know attendance is low but urine?


#44 Chinatown, 1974

Chinatown is a movie that stays with you a long time after you see it. This is Roman Polanski's best film. Some say it is Rosemary's baby. I don't cause I refuse to see a movie about a lady giving birth to Satan's baby. Not gunna do it. Chinatown was made after Polanski's wife and friends were brutally murdered by the Manson family. He did not want there to be a happy ending because he did not think it was fair and right for this movie to end in a good way. It is film noir which means it is a stylish Hollywood crime drama. Jake Gittes is the only detective that Jack Nicholson ever played. I watched this movie last week with my wife. One of the main themes in this movie is sometimes no matter what you do there is no right answer.

Jack Johnson and the handsome boy modeling school

Yowit check this Top 10 college Albums 10 to 1

Honorable Mention Handsome boy Modeling school, I won't go into the details but I know all about the secret garden

10. Illmatic Nas, This album is a classic. It isn't that long running about 50 minutes but every song is a classic

9. John Denver's greatest hits, country roads take me home

8. God's Son Nas, What you up to? The cops gon bust you

7. Black Album Jigga, Allow me to reintroduce myself

6. Late Registration Yeezy, Says she wants diamonds I took her to Ruby Tuesdays

5. Blueprint H to the Izzo, Best Jay Z album

4. Get Lifted John Legend, Michael Paradises favorite album

3. Welcome Back Mase, Aaron Purkeypile's favorite album. I think we are the only people to have heard it

2.Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot, At least three times a week

1. College Dropout Kanye West, Every single night cause this is family business

Retro Super Future Sunglasses

#45 Anchorman, 2004

Every year when people get back to school in August they talk about the summer. They ask how it went. What did you do? Where did you go? In then you get in line and you go through the registration process. Finally the time comes for you to put your quote in for the peanut gallery. This is very important and you can make a huge mistake or you can become a hero. I was always from the school of thought that if you put a quote in you would never get a date. So I left it blank. I thought this way because year after year I would see guys put something in that they thought was so funny. Only to find out that when the peanut gallery came out a month and a half later their quote either didn't make sense or was just corny. Its very hard to find that perfect quote. Sometimes I like to look at the past peanut gallerys to see what the guys of that time thought was funny. In the fall of 2004 Anchorman took over the peanut gallery. Anchorman was a movement. You could quote Anchorman anytime for anything. Guys were quoting Anchorman in the peanut gallery left and right. Quotes like "When this all gets sorted out I think you and me should get an apartment together", "60% of the time it works every time","I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you". The line that was quoted more then any other for guys was "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany". The first time I saw this movie I thought that it was ok. I laughed a little bit. But once I started hearing the quotes over and over again the movie became funnier and funnier. The next time I saw it I thought it was hilarious. Its one of those movies that represents a time period of my life. Ever since that movie came out I have always thought that diversity was an old wooden ship. And that San Diego was a german word. And I can always agree to disagree.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My mom would love this picture

Rhythm 2009 Fall/Winter sneakers


Kuroshio sea 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

Switchfoot Redemption

#46 No Country for Old Men, 2007

I hear alot of people complain about this movie. They never like the ending. I like to tell them that its not always about the ending. Its about the ride it took to get there. The journey that you take in this movie is pulse pounding. Its a kind of thriller that you are not used to. You are nervous the whole movie and there are scenes that are terrifying. I love the way this movie was filmed and I love the Coen Brothers. I don't think that I am smarter then you because I like them. I just think that they make very interesting movies in their own personal style.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

#47 Castaway, 2000

Wilson! In college whenever i wanted to be depressed I would watch the last scene of this movie. Worked every time.

Steve Martin on Tom Hanks

Tracy Morgan interview on Letterman

I'm having surgery on my left ankle tomorrow. Kinda scary.

Facebook Situations

A couple of facebook situations came to a head today. I like facebook and its fun to cruise around and see whats goin on with the homeys. I usually don't have many issues with the site. If I ever have any sticky situations they usually involve adding friends. For the most part I usually don't add people. Unless I don't think that a certain person would be able to find me and I run across them. Like for example an elementary school buddy that wouldn't be friends with anyone that I know now. I'll go ahead and add them. But we have all been there. You see someone on the site and you start thinking "Should I add them?" "Why haven't they added me?" "If I add them will they say yes?" "How bad would it hurt my feelings if they didn't add me?" It could drive you crazy. So when anyone adds me I usually confirm them. No problems. My problems come with that stupid thingy thats always is suggesting friends. This feature has some nerve. Always pretending to know me. This thing thinks it knows who I hang out with. Its usually way off. Lately it has been suggesting the same dude over and over again. I think I see this guy's picture eighteen times a day. Usually I would just go ahead and add this person. But I just haven't felt like doin that. Why should I add. If this guy was my friend he would add me right? Viscious cycle. If I am seeing his picture all the time is he seeing mine? So today I happen to run into this guy and we spent a couple hours together. We are friends and it isn't awkward so I decided to make it awkward and ask him a question. So I said "dude am I on your suggested friend thingy on facebook alot? Cause you are on mine every single day. He looked at me and replied "dude I see you more then my wife. You are on there all the time." You see we were at what you call a facebook stalemate. Everytime I was looking at his picture he was looking at mine but neither one of us wanted to pull the trigger. So my question was answered. Whenever you get a friend suggestion they are getting your picture to. Let the stalemating begin. And something else happened with the friend suggesting feature the other day. Out of nowhere it had one of my former girlfriends on there. So I thought to myself does facebook know something I don't? Are me and this girl cool now? Why would they suggest her if they thought it would be bad? Maybe enough years have passed and we can be friends again. I know it was a bad breakup but facebook wouldn't mess me up like that. Or would they? At this time I did not have the convenience of the knowledge that this girl was probably getting my picture on her thingy. I decided that facebook might not have heard the whole story and decided to sit that one out. Now that I know that she was seeing my picture to and didn't add me I feel better that I didn't add her. Are we all confused yet? Ok one more thing. Have you ever gotten a notification that says that such and such has accepted your friend request and you don't even remember adding them? That can only mean one of two things. Either you are up way to late adding people and you don't remember who you are adding or you did this friend request so long ago that you forgot that you did it. That means your add has been in limbo for a long time. Its like your friendship offer has been in facebook purgatory while this person who you requested has pondered if he should accept it. You know if it takes you more then twelve seconds to decide if we are friends then don't accept my request. And definitely don't accept it three months later so I know that you have been thinking about it for that long. Please don't do me any favors.

Broken Arrow Ranch

I went down to good ole Olsburg Kansas today and I had a great time with the staff and campers at Broken Arrow. They had a talent show and I was the emcee. Michael and I also took a moment to spit some hot fire(we did a rap song)Then Azriel shut the show down with a sick renditions of "Let Go" and "Something New" It was dope.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#49 Face Off, 1997

If you haven't seen this in a while do yourself a favor

Old school shot of the day

lest we forget about prime time


I have been married to the same woman for over a year now. That means I can now give insight into marriage. I just want to share with you the technology that has turned me into a much better man. For the most part I hate technology. To me it makes things alot more inconvenient. It used to be that if you wanted to get a hold of me you had to ask some people where I was and then go searching until you found me. Now not so much. Technology has made it that you should be able to get a hold of me at anytime. That's bootsy. I don't like it when people bother me. You can call me at home, you can call me on the road, you can leave a voicemail, you can drop me an email that I get on my phone, you can send me a text message. I can't hide anymore. And who out there thinks that are lives are alot easier now that we text message more then we talk on the phone. Ok maybe now we can talk to people when we are in class or in a meeting but besides that it has made life alot more awkward and mysterious. Instead of having a five minute conversation it is a forty five minute conversation and at the end you still don't know what happend. Instead of saying ok I'll talk to you later you have to subtly let the person you are texting know that you have no interest in communicating with them anymore. And even though I am guilty of this I still don't like texting throughout church. And give me a break with the couple texting. Do you really have that much to say to each other. I imagine every single text is like "I just saw a tree". "Cool I just saw a bird". Why else would you text message 700 times a day. I guess a main reason that I don't like the text message is that it makes people look alot smarter then they actually are. Its a lie. Anyone can look witty if they have four minutes to come up with a comeback. Now people can't have face to face conversations anymore cause they don't have time between statements to come up with something neat and flirty. And whats with the professors assigning everything through email. Gay. In college I didn't even have a computer so I had to go to the computer lab to know if we had something due. More often then not we did. And I wouldn't know about it. Facebook is cool its awight. But as soon as I get as many friends on facebook that I had on myspace everyone is going to start goin over to twitter. And isn't the basis of all networking sights just to see if your friends from highschool are fat yet? Ok I need to calm down I went on a little rant there. Ok now I get to tell you of the one technology that I actually like. Not only has it made me a more likeable person but it has made me a better husband and christian. Its only three little letters. DVR. Thats right. Since I have been able to record tv shows life is alot less hectic. Lets say Natalie wants to go on a walk during Royals game. "Sure honey that sounds great". Or lets say some people want to go out to eat during Mad Men. "Sounds lovely". "What did you say Natalie you want to watch the 20 worst celebrity face lifts on the E channel tonight? Lets enjoy that together!" Before DVR none of this would have taken place. I can record shows while I am out or while my wife watches her shows. I would be running red lights and jumping over curbs just to get home for the opening pitch. I would blow off all of my friends just to see what was happening to Don Draper. Guard the edges of the Sabbath? The game started 10 minutes ago. Before my personality was what you would call intense. Now you would label it as "Breezy". Go ahead ask Natalie. But not right now cause she is comfortably watching the discovery channel without me pacing in the background waiting for the 10:00 Sportscenter.

Monday, July 20, 2009

#50 Glory, 1989

Well we made it to the Halfway point. We can't go back now. The summer is winding now and I feel pretty good about the back 50. It took courage for some of you to get to this point. Some of you got mad at me. Some of you wanted to turn around. But I know at least one time so far in this countdown you have said something like "Yeah that is a good movie". If you have not seen some of your favorite movies on the list yet one of two things has probably happened. Either I really love that movie and it will be in the bottom half. Or you have terrible taste. We shall find out in the next month and a half. I think it is fitting to have Glory as my #50 movie. This movie really does make grown men cry. You can't help but get a little emotional when Denzel is getting whipped. The ending is one of the most powerful that you will ever see. This scene is my favorite in the movie. It is right before the big battle at the end. These men knew that things were not looking good for them and they had the courage to fight together.

New Kid Cudi video

Nom de Guerre x adidas five-two 3