Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blog spotlight of the day: The Thomas family

Today our Blog spotlight is on one of my favorite families. The first time I met Angry Aaron Thomas was several years ago. He had long blonde hair and it was flowing in the thunderdome. We were not friends for the first couple of years because I was bitter about how he blocked me when our teams played basketball in intramurals. After I got over that I realized that this kid was going somewhere. Aaron is one of the nicest guys I know and I am goin to miss him this year. Nobody is angrier than Angry A! The first time I met Allison she was a senior at Burton Academy. She acted like there was no chance she would ever come to Union. I talked to Aaron about her and he didn't seem to think there was much of a chance of her coming either. She tells me that I had nothing to do in recruiting her to come to Union. I have no response to that. I am glad that she did come and last year It was great having her in the office every day. Sadly she is goin to Argentina with her brother this year. Selfishly I wish she was staying but apparently my opinion means nothing to her. Who is goin to bring the 7-Layer bean dip to the Superbowl party!? Who is goin to boss me around in the office?

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