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2015 Basketball Power Rankings Week 1!!!!!!!! YAAAAASSSSSSS

Can we be honest for a second? Just between us last year's intramural basketball season was bootsy. Some people would say that it was mega bootsy. I'm not one of those people. I'll stick with good old fashioned bootsy. Why was it wak? I'd like to think it was because I didn't have a squad in the running, but that doesn't make it so. The real reason that basketball last year left so much to be desired is that there weren't power rankings updating frequently to give people bulletin board material and to make meaningless games feel like there was so much on the line. It's time all that comes to an end. I'm back and I'm making power rankings and once again they will hurt feelings and in the end be meaningless...but you gonna read it anyway.

1. The Carlson family: Dan,Curt, Kemp, Tim, Devon
Wow. Here they are. #1 to start the season. All the pressure and expectations of being the #1 team in the LTP power rankings is on these two bros from up North. How did they get this ranking? They have a complete team that brings back a nucleus that was close to winning their first championship last year. Curt and Kemper have been up to the top of Mt. Doom in Mordor but they didn't have quite enough to throw the one ring that rules them all into the fire. Sauron AKA Demion was victorious once again and all the children of middle earth had night mares for the last 9 months. What is the game plan? Spread the ball around where any one of Curt/Dan/Kemper can rack up points while Tim Lebard lurks next to the basket ready to erase any shot that comes his way. 

Fake Question:
How does Josh Osvold mesh with this veteran team? Will he throw off their JuJu?
Real Question: 
Will this team go undefeated and give Curt his first championship? Is there any team that could possibly contend with these boys, or should we all just go home?

2. The Old Guys: Rich, Aaron, Chris, Cody, A bunch of ballin out role players
Jokes about this team being super old have moved from trash talk to a very real concern. These guys are old. Some of them these guys are old enough to remember playing pogs for keeps during recess instead of snapchatting with their yoga instructors. So than why are these boys ranked so high in the power rankings? Well first off these are my power rankings and I like to rank myself high. But besides that these boys have a legitimate squad. Four of these guys were starters on the Union College Warriors...sure most of them were starters at the turn of the century but hey there is alot of experience there. Secondly these boys have played together before and might have a little chemistry. Lastly this team is big and its also fast. So holla atcha boi.

Fake Question: 
Will the captains of this team die of old age before the playoffs? Will their wives let them play in most of the games?
Real Question: 
How long till Cody gets hurt? What's that? He is already hurt? Doh! 

3. Sauron's Squad: Demion, Ricky, Brad, James, J fyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa
When I asked Demion where his squad should be ranked he gave me a moment of honesty and said "probably around three or four" and after that he said "but you know we #1". I'm sorry I"m going to go with option A. If the ruler of Mordor doesn't believe in his heart that his squad can defeat the scrappy kids from the Shire than I'm not going to believe it either. But this is the most athletic squad in the intramurals. Ricky has the best motor in the league and has never once been tired. Demion has never gotten tired of "talking that noise" and it has been effective in getting kids off their game. Look for this team to be right where you think they are going to be at the end of the season.

Fake Question: 
Will the boys from No Trace of Earth be able to mesh with Demion and Ricky?
Real Question:
Actually that fake question might be a legit question.

4. Sean and Zack: J Money Mess, Ryan, Reagan
If it wasn't for the Old Guys squad this would be the most veteran team in the league. All the projected starters are seniors playing in their last semester except for Reagan and he has experience hooping for Ron Dodds last year. They've played a lot of ball and they have played it well. So why are these boys ranked in the middle of the pack? A few reasons. We don't know if Reagan has been in the Thunderdome in the last year or so and we don't know if J money is going to snap necks and cash checks. If these boys get on the same page they are going to embarrass me for ranking them so low. That is a real possibility. One of the premier matchups will be this team vs Curt's team. All of these guys are kinda buddies and this game will rip apart the fabric of their friendship. I can't wait!

Fake Question: 
Why do they call him J Money Mess? Where is the money?
Real Question:
Are there enough shots to go around on this team where everybody shoots threes and nobody plays down low?

5. Chad and Will: Zak Perrin, Nathan Bland, Kyle Berg
From top to bottom this a complete team of contenders who leave their ego's at the door. Winning is the only thing that concerns this squad. The back court of Will and Zack can defend and get buckets and you try to taking it in on Kyle Berg and Chad. I'll tell you what will happen. You will get packed. Yet these boys are ranked near the end. Why is that? I'm from the Show Me state. These boys have to put some wins together and get on a little run to make me a believer. They have all the tools. But will they leave them in their shed? #mindblown  I'm really looking forward to seeing the intensity that these boys will bring to the house!

Fake Question: 
Will Chad's upcoming nuptials make him distracted in his last season of intramurals? If so who steps up to marry Mandy?
Real Question:
How are people going stop the tenacious defense of Nathan Bland and David Meier? These boys can scrap.

6. Tanner and Jacob: Aaron, Thane, Paul Bacon
I've said it before and I'll say it again. This squad has all the potential in the world. They have fast guards and knockdown shooters. They have the will to win...but do they have the heart of a champion? Also besides Tanner they real little. Gonna have some mismatches against some of the bigger teams. This whole team is going to have to crash boards if they want to contend. If they do watch out cause this team will come up in the Power Rankings very quickly.

Fake Question: 
Is Paul Bacon going to bring home the Bacon? Eh?
Real Question:
Who on this squad is going D up the big boys? 

7. The Heavy Favorites
Matt and Mikey...Rudy............This will be fun to watch....for the first game.

Fake Question: 
Do you think if this team pulled together and their whole game plan was to get Rudy a triple double he could do it? I think so. I want this to happen.
Real Question:

Pre Season Awards

MVP: Sean Lawson
Defensive Player of the Year: Ricky Amimo
Scoring Champion: Chris Gutierrez 
Rookie of the Year: James Dickerson
Newcomer of the Year: Cody Cowin
Most Improved: Zak Perrin
Sixth Man: Anup Singh